Attack of the killer snaggle tooth mountain pig. I tried to corral this pig back into his house for what seemed like years. He was frothing at the mouth something that looked like aerosol velveeta cheese and chasing me all around the farm into rusty barbed wire fences, trying to knock me over so he could eat me, cujo eyes. Going everywhere but his hog house - until the other came around - que the butterflies, crickets and babbling brook and lightning bugs. Pig immediately rolled on his back to get a belly rub, turned all new born wilbur cute and innocent, even let out a little pig chortle. I swear he would have turned me to a million vittles if the others didn’t come back around down off the hillside. Pig immediately obliged and went back to his little house and started ordering shit off amazon fresh. By this time it was pitch black outside - thanks to @dluttphoto for jumping in harms way and saving the day lighting the shot.

#malemodel @dextermasland Chicago #macys #glamorama

Male model @taylorzakhar Minneapolis #macys #glamorama

Beibs. Male model on the Macy’s Glamorama tour. We call him Beibs because of his uncanny resemblance to Justin Beiber. Youngest kid on the tour - just turned 18. 

Male Model Andrew Moore - Ford Models NYC from Australia. Andrew also plays in a band called Pol the Fishmerman and has a furniture making company called Iron Oaks, that makes furniture out of reclaimed wood from national disaster areas. Patient models waiting Macys Glamorama - Chicago edition. — withAndrew Moore.

Male model Devin Goda - Wilhelmina models New York. Former Baltimore Ravens wide receiver #85. Patient models waiting Macys Glamorama - Chicago edition. @dgoda85 #devingoda

Girl and her cow yesterday at Ventura county fair. He was so soft - felt like a hydro chinchilla. Total ham, was posing for he camera. Makes me want a farm.

Patient Models waiting Chicago edition @lamodelsrunway model @kalynhemphill macys #glamorama. Kalyn was the winner of #projectrunway season 6 and is also a very talented singer. She has performed on brodway and just sang the national anthem at the dodgers game. She is the truest example of a wholesome texas beauty - one of the sweetest people i’ve ever met and drop dead gorgeous.

Millenium park Chicago 39 foot sculpture of a Jaume Plensa head named Awilda. Constructed from marble and resin with an internal fiberglass structure. Puzzled together from 15 pieces arriving seperately from Spain. #glamorama #glamorama2014

Chicago’s macys #glamorama #glamorama2014 show tonight benefiting the Ronald McDonald house at the Harris theatre in Chicago. Patient models waiting Chicago edition. Here is the beautiful czeck model @marketa_red - casually waiting backstage for the show to begin. @lamodelsrunway (at Harris Theater for Music and Dance)

@rosethebestman - reggae musician we met on the street outside of Millenium park this afternoon on our lunch break. He was raising money and awareness for abused children. W/ @rubinadyan @cassandrasmith00

Patient models using their time constructively series - Chicago stop for Macys Glamorama 2014 ‘fashion rocks’ 18 year old ford NY model Joeseph Bruzas this evening at the navy peir mcDonalds. Joe is from Connecticut, loves fishing, birds and running. w/ @joebruzas and @rubinadyan. (at Navy Peir)

Patient models waiting series - Minneapolis edition. Amazing @neilly1584 backstage @macys - Stay tuned for Chicago edition coming tomorrow. #glamorama #glamorama2014

My beautiful friend Juni. Patient models waiting - Minneapolis edition. @fromjuni @macys #glamorama2014 #glamorama (at Waffle House)