On May 8, 2002, Moore was present as the cable TV network TV Land and the City of Minneapolis dedicated a statue in downtown Minneapolis to the television character she made famous on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. The statue, by sculptor Gwendolyn Gillen, is located in front of the Dayton’s (now Macy’s) department store, near the corner of 7th Street South and Nicollet Mall. It depicts the iconic moment in the show’s opening credits where Moore tosses her Tam o’ Shanter in the air, in a freeze-frame at the end of the montage. From Wikipedia. #glamorama2014 (at Macy’s Downtown Minneapolis)

Minneapolis. #glamorama2014 #skyway @lamodelsrunway (at Skyway Theater)

Love this girls freckles, and dimples and voice. Super raspy and tough, like she’d be smoking and cheering on her favourite team for six months straight in the frigid a/c. Natural and happy. Great smile. Ran into each other backstage and we started chatting about our mutual adoration of birds.

Rufus Williams says hello. Sold me some of the best South Carolina peaches I’ve ever had. He fills his truck up with watermelon and peaches according to season six days a week and goes to a now defunct flooring shop parking lot on the outskirts of town. Sells watermelons for 7$, 10$ and 15$. He has some land not far from the flooring store and said he’s been selling watermelon for fifteen years. He said about 80% of his customers are regulars. Dressed super sharp. Strong presence, 6’4” maybe 250 lbs sweet as a peach. Greatest voice, sounded like Morgan Freeman. self proclaimed watermelon addict - never seen a watermelon not get eaten. Had an electric heating blanket protecting the watermelon from the sun in the back of the truck.

Beautiful model today. Doll.

Beautiful blue sparkle ninja.

Miss Jarnal Ferguson. 1236 33rd street at avenue E. Savannah Georgia. Jarnal is little Daniels grandmother. She has lived in her home since 1969 and has since bought three more homes on the block. Real life monopoly. It was 1/2 past 5 pm and Jarnal said she was going to wear her pyjamas all day because she could. She told me to look her up in the phone book and to call her - wanted to keep me updated on the stop sign situation. We schemed on using old broom handles and making cardboard stop signs, painted red with reflective tape for the entire neighbourhood. Somehow I don’t doubt Jarnal is on her porch right now doing just that.

Dani. Musician and roofer for money. Savannah, Georgia. Can’t remember the last time he got his hair cut. He and his roofing partner get chicken and sweet tea from the same place for lunch everyday - ‘li’l chick’ at 2901 MLK. Said it’s the best fried chicken he’s ever had - even better than his moms but made me promise not to tell her. Cool little colorful chicken shack. Walk up window, cash only. Great out of proportion painted murals of chickens doing various chicken things on the walls. Sweet tea - 1.00$. Love that they open for chicken at 0930 am.

One of the other models today. Striking.

Daniel Ferguson - 10 years old, Savannah, Georgia. He wants to be a cop when he grows up. Met him on the street corner at the sight of a bad car accident in a sleepy residential neighbourhood off MLK and 42nd. The neighbourhood has been aksking the city for four way stop signs at the intersections for years. Instead, the city came in and moved the east/west stop signs to the north/south flow of traffic oneonth ago. I was talking to his gramma - jarnal ferguson, who has lived at this street corner since 1969 and she said there have been three accidents in the past month in and around the neighbourhood since the stop signs were switched out. The streets are speckled with kids riding their bicycles, playing basketball on the streets and families hanging out on their porch. The whole neighbourhood was out in full force praying for the car crash victims, hopefully they’ll get some new stop signs.

Hung out with this guy in Savannah, Georgia yesterday. He was running - iwatch beta strapped on his turtle paw and all. Took his Richard Simmons head band off just moments before this picture. Look close, he has a piece of rogue grass hanging out of his mouth - nutritious and delicious, cliff bar for turtles. Looked both ways before crossing the street. Dinosaur run. (at Washington Dulles International Airport)

Lightning on Savannah, GA tonight.

Beatrice this afternoon. Thunderbolt, Georgia.

Aerial view of Bonnaroo from helicopter.